Starkey Mortgage Celebrates 17 Years Offering Home Loans

Wednesday, March 01, 2017  

Starkey Mortgage celebrates 17 years of offering home loans

Starkey Mortgage was founded in January, 2000 with the goal to create a successful company built on forming solid partnerships with real estate agents and builders who shared our vision; to make home ownership a reality by putting people first.

When we opened the doors to the public on March 1, 2000, our Austin and Plano branches were staffed with experienced and knowledgeable mortgage professionals to assist home buyers confidentially make informed home financing decisions. Today, we are proud to still have 14 people from year one now leading the company:

  1. John Aspinwall, Director – joined 2/14/00

  2. Sherry Colley, EVP Chief Credit Officer – joined 2/22/2000

  3. Kelly Nelson, Senior Underwriter - joined 2/28/2000

  4. Scott Benson, Director – joined 3/1/2000

  5. Stephan Akin, Senior Loan Officer, Plano - joined 3/1/00

  6. Michael Lee, VP National Sales Support – joined 3/1/2000

  7. Julie Gross, EVP Chief Training Officer – joined 3/1/2000

  8. Adam Pongrass, EVP Chief Risk Officer – joined 3/1/2000

  9. Isabel Lee, VP Regional Closing Manager – joined 3/1/2000

  10. Mel Williams, EVP Corporate Real Estate Manager – joined 4/1/2000

  11. Kimberly Delgado, Closer Coordinator – joined 6/5/2000

  12. Patricia Hall, VP Affinity Lending Manager – joined 8/15/2000

  13. Lou Bobo, Quality Control Auditor - joined 9/11/2000

  14. Jennifer Carter, SVP Post Closing Operations – joined 9/19/2000


As we celebrate our 17th Anniversary, Starkey Mortgage has grown to 416 employees and 36 branches, spread from Colorado, down and across the Sun Belt to the East Coast. We’re proud to have helped more than 168,000 families finance their homes, funding approximately 25.6 billion dollars in mortgages.