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Helping families realize the dream of homeownership is my passion. Over the years, I have been able to assist many families obtain financing, many of them for the first time, and it never gets old. To me, it's always been more than a job. The satisfaction and pride I feel each time one of my Borrowers becomes a Homeowner is indescribable. Each one is an emotional investment for me as every Borrower is more than just a loan, they are friends, neighbors & my community.

My extensive experience as a Loan Officer and knowledge of the industry allows me to tailor each loan to meet the specific needs of each individual. Everyone’s story is different, so no one loan will fit everyone’s needs. My job is to find that perfect fit. Buying a home is the single most important investment we make. Although it can seem intimidating, I am dedicated to making the process a positive and rewarding experience for you, and I welcome the opportunity to earn your business and your trust.

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August 2017   Ariel E
Denver, CO
Great! It was a pleasure working with professional, pleasant, experienced, and capable people!
June 2017   Charles W
Denver, CO

I have worked with Rona Lewis as the loan officer for many of my clients over the past 15 years. Rona has always been completely professional and worked in the best interest of the consumers pursuing some type of financing. First mortgages and purchase money second mortgages of various kinds, refinancing, home equity loans, Rona and her staff have always delivered the best available loan for the financing needed and obtainable.

When one of my clients meets with Rona, I know that she will be truly honest with them. And if it means informing them that what they are considering doing is not in their best interest, she will be up front and honest (even though she might lose business) and give them the guidance and information they need to have.

Over the years I have also worked with her support staff. Her loan processor, Diane Moore, is a walking encyclopedia regarding rules, regulations, and changes with all the financing entities, FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and has never left any of my questions unanswered. If you want to know what you can do, what you can't do, these are the people to call.

All I have ever received from Rona and her staff is good service, honesty, knowledge, experience, timliness, and my every phone call returned expediently. One last complement to this team is when I have a closing all my loan documents are ready and obtainable early, before the day of closing. And that is excellent.

When my buyers and sellers/owners work with Rona and her staff, we rarely have a problem.

Jo Ann Patrick - Broker Associate @ RE/MAX
Very easy. Really liked the ability to e-sign documents. Again, Rona is AMAZING!
April 2017   Jacob W
Littleton, CO
I think it went very smooth in this time of so many people trying to buy homes or refinancing homes.
April 2017   James W
Littleton, CO
Very easy
January 2017   Richard Z
Aurora, CO
Very smooth process
December 2016   Byron T
Denver, CO
A trusted partner of my amazing realtor.
September 2016   Jillian G
Arvada, CO
The process was very professional and timely. Only good things to say about it.
November 2016   Kevin Q
Arvada, CO

I couldn't be happier with Rona! Thank you for all you did. Very smooth process.

Curtis Oliver

Rona was exceptional and got me thru the loan process as stress free as possible. 

Jo Ann Cunningham

Our dealings with Starkey Mortgaeg was a very positive experience.

Duane Whipple

Hi Rona, Thank you for the email. I think back a year and appreciate all that unfolded- and a thank you to you and Randy. We are IN LOVE with our house/ home. After we moved in ... we found so many more details about the house and neighborhood that exceeded our expectations. What a gift, we are so thankful. I caught Cam the other day .. standing in our livingroom, with his hands on his hips saying, "This house is AWESOME!" We all spent time putting lights on our house and decorating our Christmas tree. So GREAT! Thank you for helping us arrange a change ... to create a new life for me and my family. This is exactly the lifestyle I wanted to provide Jack. I see how he's adjusted this last year and I'm so happy to be in a new neighborhood. The alternative/ staying in our condo what have been terrible for him. Thank you again, Happy Holidays,

Jenny Fisher

Hi Rona - As always, it was a pleasure doing business with you. I really appreciate the long-term relationship we have. It's always terrific doing business with someone you trust. Thanks again to you and your team!

Sarietha Ormsby

Dear Ms. Lewis, My mother is fmally moved out of her old apartment and into her new condominium that we closed with you on July 12th We want to "Thank You and Your Staff" for all that you did to make the purchase of the condominium possible for my mother. This has been a dream and blessing come true for her! Who would've thought that home ownership would be possible for a retired widow living on her fixed income! The purchase of a place of her own means no more rent increases, she can paint the walls in her condo whatever color pleases her, she has a parking space, and a storage space too. The bonus is that she is settling into a active senior community that is safe and well kept, with many perks (too numerous to list). Also, I appreciated the loan closing book you provided for my mom at the time of closing. It really was a very nice touch and a perfect example of your attention to detail for the client (all documentation in one handy reference manual). Thank You! I will be referring your name and company to my peers and friends whenever someone asks for the name of a good mortgage company to work with. We turn in the keys to my mother's old apartment this morning - closing that chapter of her life. Today marks the official new chapter for her living in her new place as a homeowner. She is happy about her move and so is her cat - all made possible by you! With heartfelt thanks,

Galinda Knight

Rona, Thank you and your team for such awesome and dedicated work. I don't know of nor have met anyone that operates with the knowledge and professionalism that you do. You've done so much for me thru the years.

Wanda Harvell

Working with Rona was a luxury that every homebuyer should be privileged to. Being a first time homebuyer, I had no idea what to expect during any part of the process. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of service and expertise from the pre-approval process to the final name signed on the house contract. Not only was I amazed at the interest rate and approval process ease, but my family members who have work in the mortgage industry for decades were also applauding Rona and her team for the service I received. I would recommend Rona Lewis and her team to anyone looking to begin the house shopping process, as well as anyone looking for superior mortgage guidance and service.

J. Cook

Rona Lewis stepped in and helped with a very difficult mortgage situation, and solved it all with such efficiency She is without a doubt a real professional and a real pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a loan whether it is $100,000 or $10,000,0000. Her knowledge and wisdom are rarely seen, and are to be valued. Thank you Rona

Jacqueline Cirillo

Rona has helped several of my clients retain financing for their homes. She works wells with first time home buyers and never ever turns down a client based upon how much they can qualify for. Rona is professional, friendly, approachable and has such a demeanor that invites home buyers to want to work with her and get the job done. Rona does everything in her power to make sure the deal gets done. If she can't do it, then she will place the client in her tickler file and help them get to the place they need to get to so they can buy a home. It may take them 3 or 6 or even 12 months down the road, but Rona sticks with them and helps them achieve their goals and dreams of home ownership. Rona is a true professional and I am proud to have her on my team of service providers. 

To Whom It May Concern: This letter is written because of our extraordinary experience and service that we received when using Rona Lewis to obtain a loan for us. We found a short sale home that was about to go into foreclosure, in fact, it was only 15 days away from the set foreclosure date from the day we stepped into the house and wanted to buy it! Rona was exceptional during the entire QUICK process. There was much to be done since we had less than 2 weeks to get all of the paperwork submitted to be approved. Short sales also have more paperwork involved than a typical loan so I found out. Rona and her secretary kicked it into high gear and accelerated this process by getting the appropriate paperwork obtained from me, my realtor, the various banks that were involved and her underwriter. This process usually takes several months! Rona made sure that every stone was turned and covered before submitting our paperwork and information for final approval. Miraculously, Rona made our dream home come true. We closed on this home 2 days before the Bank's foreclosure date and it was all due to Rona and her staff. I have told this story to many people in the mortgage business, realty business and friends and family who have been involved in purchasing a home and I can assure you that our beautiful dream home happened because Rona was prepared, knowledgeable, aggressive, organized, and her keen ability to be able to communicate so effectively with all parties involved along with her extreme professionalism enabled this process and end result to have happened. Thank you Rona! I am sure that you have and will continue to service your customers in a style and fashion that will insure all buyers acquire their dream home such as ours. Sincerely,

Nancy Bensinger